Our History

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Founded in 1981 as a Mitsubishi MU2 distributor and service centre, our dynamic company has developed into a multi-faceted organization with the facilities and infrastructure to meet all your logistics, technical, engineering and operational needs.

"Duality, integrity and flexibility have been the guiding principles of Interair's aviation support operations for more than twenty years."

We have the engineers to service your plane, the flight instructors to teach you how to fly, and the charter services to carry you safely anywhere in the world.

Our specialist operations include aerial photography, full-scale commercial pilot training, and aircraft inspections, brokering and sales.

Interair is about choices. Through ongoing investment in infrastructure, facilities and training, we are constantly upgrading and enhancing our operations to provide an increasing range of services, meticulously performed.

Financially responsible and rigorous in our inspection, and engineering procedures, we operate to ISO 9002 standards, ensuring quality engineering and safety in the air.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include a corporate lounge and an extensive 22,000 sq. ft. hanger complex, fully equipped with the latest technologies in engineering and avionics test and repair, along with computerised tracking of inventory stores and spares.

Highly regarded, and widely accredited for distribution, service and repair, Interair holds a unique position in the Australian avionics industry as a one-stop shop for first class aviation support and customer care.