Course Overview

The adventure of flying begins with the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). With this license you can venture out into the world of aviation within the local area. This is the first step to achieving the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL).

The training consists of flight training in an aeroplane and ground theory training on basic aircraft maneuvers and handling. You will also learn the basics of navigation and aircraft procedures.

  • Inclusions

    The course includes the issue of your Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), medical examination fee, textbooks, charts, operations documents, pilot logbook, and the first attempt at the theory exams.

  • Eligibility Requirements

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    • An Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
    • Medical Examination
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  • Cost

    The total cost of this course is $11,315.

  • Aircraft

    Flight training will take place in a Cessna 172.

  • Flight Hours

    26 hours of dual flight training and 5 hours solo flight training.

  • Availability

    This course offers both full time and part time options to cater for everyone.

  • Prerequisites

    • An Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
    • Medical Examination